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Weekly Residential Pool Maintenance:
Our weekly full service program offers the pool owner worry free maintenance so they can focus on the enjoyment of owning a pool.

  • Pool Water Chemistry 
    • Weekly sanitizing and chemical water balancing.
    • Chemical testing for Alkalinity, pH, sanitizer (Chlorine).
    • Additional testing as required - calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and conditioner.
    • Salt level testing (salt pools).
  • Pool Cleaning
    • Clearing skimmer baskets and pool sweep debris bag.
    • Brushing pool tile, walls, steps and swim outs.
    • Water surface skimming for floating debris.
    • Salt cell cleaning (as required).
    • Elimination and control of algae (additional chemical charges may apply).

Chemical Only Service:
A chemical only service is offered for the pool owner that wants to manage the pool maintenance themselves, without having to worry about maintaining the proper chemical balance to keep their pool clean and safe.

Other services available at an additional charge:

  • Pool filter cleaning (recommended twice yearly).
  • Equipment installation and Repair Service:
    • At Trinity Pool Service we are able to diagnose and repair practically any issue you may experience with your pool and equipment.
  • Green to Clean
    • Want to get rid of that green pool water? You have two options. Drain your pool and start fresh, or chemically treat the pool to rid the source of the green. Contact us for the best option for your pool.